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New Party in Ukraine to Fund Itself Only with Cryptos

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:45:33 +0000

A newly formed party in Ukraine has vowed to rely only on cryptocurrency contributions to sustain its activity and never to accept money from the oligarchs. Weakening state control over economy and expanding civil liberties are among its main political priorities. The party wants to protect the interests of people and companies from the IT […]

Controversy Looms Over Bithumb Coins

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 17:40:45 +0000

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb is reportedly re-evaluating its strategy to launch its own coins through a corporation in Singapore, following news of fraud that could have serious side effects to both companies. Under the current laws, Bithumb coins will still be subject to Korean regulation whether launched abroad or not. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms […]

PR: Keynote Lights up New York with Security Token Conference

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 17:30:21 +0000

With a new focus on security tokens and financial regulation, Blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are introduced to the World Blockchain Forum in New York. Early bird ticket release ends May 7th.

Malta’s Cabinet Approves Cryptocurrency Bill

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 15:30:42 +0000

The Cabinet of Malta has approved three bills related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. One bill in particular, the Virtual Financial Assets Bill, provides a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Crypto Bill Approved by Cabinet The Cabinet of Malta approved three bills on […]

Another Crypto Exchange Ordered to Improve by Japanese Regulator

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 13:40:54 +0000

The Japanese financial regulator has targeted another cryptocurrency exchange for improvement after an on-site inspection revealed inadequate standards. The exchange must comply and submit a written report next month. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Another Exchange Punished The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has issued another “administrative punishment order” to a […]

Philippines Welcomes Crypto Economic Zone

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 11:45:38 +0000

After hemming and hawing in its strange relationship with cryptocurrencies and the businesses they imply, the Philippine government decided to make room for a set aside economic zone. The scheme is offered in hopes of generating more tax income, employment for its people, and perhaps a dedicated crypto university. Also read: Telegram Urges Paper Airplane […]

Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: Big Money Wears Big Horns, Claws Are In the Closet

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 09:45:14 +0000

In today’s Bitcoin in Brief we’re talking about big money and big expectations. While the ratio between bulls and bears is constantly changing in the crypto market arena, experts working with venture capital investments and large crypto trades report positive trends and share optimistic sentiments. On that backdrop, “Why is our digital society still using […]

PR: First Cryptocurrency with an Encrypted Reference Line Can Now Be Traded (RECO)

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 09:30:07 +0000

A new cryptocurrency has recently become available. It is called RECO, which stands for “reference line coin”. It is the first cryptocurrency that offers the ability to send the recipient an encrypted reference line when making transactions. “This is unique and new,” says Christian Kassler, developer of the RECO cryptocurrency and co-owner of CAD-KAS Computersoftware GbR. “We wanted to create a distinct cryptocurrency, based on its own blockchain, that supports a reference line for transactions,” he says. Kassler goes on to explain that the reference line can, of course, be left blank. But he points out that it is sometimes helpful when the line contains the sender from whom the money is coming or similar information.

Georgia Has Become Eurasia’s Cryptocurrency Mining Epicenter

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 07:45:37 +0000

Typically when people think of bitcoin mining operations they look to countries like Iceland and mainland China. However, most people do not know that the small country of Georgia, a region of Eurasia, is ranked the second most profitable area in the world for cryptocurrency mining just below China. Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to […]

Exchanges Suspend ERC20 Token Deposits After Discovery of Smart Contract Bug

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 05:45:48 +0000

Ethereum’s smart contract bugs just keep on coming. Exchanges including Okex, Poloniex, Coinone, and Hitbtc today suspended deposits of ERC20 tokens following the discovery of a batch overflow bug written into the smart contracts governing numerous coins. The news comes in the same week that the ethereum community voted against restoring the lost ether that […]