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Company Evades SEC Penalty Despite Illegally Issuing Security Tokens

Fri, 22 Feb 2019 06:15:08 +0000

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided not to impose a penalty on a company that had issued security tokens without its approval and without qualifying for an exemption. The company raised approximately $12.7 million. Also read: SEC Chair Explains Key Upgrades Needed for Bitcoin ETF Approval No Penalty The SEC announced on Wednesday […]

Liechtenstein Bank Creates Cryptocurrency Trading Platform for Institutional Investors

Fri, 22 Feb 2019 04:01:30 +0000

A private bank in Liechtenstein has established a cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors. Balzers-based Bank Frick will offer the service through its new subsidiary DLT Markets AG. Also read: Irish Auctioneer to Sell off 315 BTC Seized by Belgian Police Investors to Gain Access to Multiple Cryptocurrency Markets According to a statement released by the […]

University of Michigan Endowment Backs Crypto Venture Capital Fund

Fri, 22 Feb 2019 01:51:43 +0000

The financial endowment fund of the University of Michigan, one of the oldest and most established academic institutions in the U.S., is the latest institutional investor revealed to have entered the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Its endowment is backing a crypto venture capital fund managed by Andreessen Horowitz. Also Read: In the Daily: Sirin Labs Smartphone, Middle […]

How Crypto Compliance Requests Strip User Privacy

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 23:45:58 +0000

Money transmitting services that enable users to switch from crypto to fiat are a valuable resource. There’s still a shortage of cryptocurrency off-ramps, and thus reliable services that offer a reasonable exchange rate are to be cherished. But the convenience that crypto debit cards and other crypto-fiat exchanging services offer comes at a high price […]

‘Bitcoin Killer’ Onecoin Is Ashes But Investigations Continue to This Day

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 21:30:48 +0000

Back in 2014, a group led by a woman named Ruja Ignatova created a Ponzi scheme called Onecoin which, together with the organization Onelife, defrauded billions from 3 million people. At peak popularity, the group declared that Onecoin would be a “Bitcoin killer” but the pyramid scheme is now in ashes and many of its […]

CME Group’s Bitcoin Futures See a Surge of Institutional Interest

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 19:18:33 +0000

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) has seen a big spike in bitcoin futures volumes according to an internal investors email sent to clients on Feb. 19. CME Group’s note explains that last Tuesday’s BTC-based futures volumes touched a new record with 18,338 contracts traded and the firm says increased volumes may be due to […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Exmo Opens Branch in Turkey

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 17:02:31 +0000

Digital asset exchange Exmo, a leading crypto trading platform in Eastern Europe, has recently registered a subsidiary in Turkey. The company is setting up an office in Istanbul, the financial capital of the country situated on the Bosphorus. Also read: Lithuania Central Bank’s Policy Update Opens the Door for Crypto Payments Traders Offered Pairs With […]

Big Banks Money Laundering: UBS Fined $4.2 Billion, Danske Shuts Down in 4 Countries

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 15:18:58 +0000

Money laundering scandals involving some of the world’s largest banks have grown this week. Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, has been fined 3.7 billion euros (~$4.2 billion) for money laundering. Amid a $226 billion scandal, Estonian authorities have ordered Denmark’s largest bank to terminate its operations in the country. Danske Bank is also shutting down in […]

How to Use Cryptocurrency to Send Money Abroad

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 13:05:13 +0000

The global remittance industry is huge. World Bank data shows that over $148 billion was sent abroad from the U.S. alone in 2017. As people leave nations gripped by hyperinflation, or simply move to look for better opportunities abroad, sending cash back home becomes a necessity. As the people in Venezuela are discovering, this can be […]

In the Daily: Sirin Labs Smartphone, Middle East Cbx Exchange, IPC’s Connexus Cloud

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:01:26 +0000

In this edition of The Daily we cover a number of cryptocurrency-related business collaborations from around the world. These include Sirin Labs and Simplex, Middle East-focused crypto exchange Cbx, and Heliocor, IPC and ICE Data Services. Additionally covered is an update from the FBI which is conducting an investigation into Bitconnect. Also Read: Coinflex Launches […]